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We believe in the driving force of music as an instrument that connects people, touching a common ground on an emotional and personal level. It allows us to express and discover ourselves, shaping our own journey through sound. 

It touches everybody in a different, distinctive way and appeals to the roots of every human being it comes into contact with.

That is why our culture and our heritage is the most important aspect of the music that we believe in. Alongside quality and maturity, our goal is to bring forward well defined, forward thinking artists and music as we progress.

That is who we are and always will be - UVAR.



02 Aug 2016





Secret Location

12 Apr 2015

GreenRoom gets family orientated for this special event, collaborating with local relatives - ReVive & HomeGrown Label – we are all pleased to invite you into our world for a very unique experience, an experience we call to order the morning of April 12th, 2015.

In order to break out of our shells, we must extract ourselves from routines, and divulge our minds, bodies, and souls into anew atmosphere. And so, we bring to you, from 3 wonders of the world, intertwined with wonders from our very own backyard, a heightened journey we call, Good Sunday.

WMC Miami

27 Mar 2015

"SUM" crew from New York, fly south for Miami Music Week. Road-trippin' with Connecticut friends "From Deep to Techno" to present a Romanian-esque night & day marathon, on a beach-front rooftop! As always, surprise guest DJ's will join us in the morning hours!

NY Brooklin

05 Apr 2015

Today Nu Zau, birthday boy Elon, Oshana, Connie Yin aka Constar, and the whole Brooklyn family will bring us all together for the first ReSolute rooftop party of the year.

We're kicking things off at 6 am and are going very very late until after the sun goes down again, with 2 stages of music all day - 1 on the roof, and 1 indoors with very special visual installations.

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We will continue to make you happy.