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We believe in the driving force of music as an instrument that connects people, touching a common ground on an emotional and personal level. It allows us to express and discover ourselves, shaping our own journey through sound. 

It touches everybody in a different, distinctive way and appeals to the roots of every human being it comes into contact with.

That is why our culture and our heritage is the most important aspect of the music that we believe in. Alongside quality and maturity, our goal is to bring forward well defined, forward thinking artists and music as we progress.

That is who we are and always will be - UVAR.



29 Nov 2019

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That time of the year is getting closer.
We are preparing for another memorable apres-ski event. Get your scarves, gloves and winter coats ready, for HOLIDAY MOOD WINTER EDITION is coming soon.



25 Oct 2019

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Welcome back to Secret Garden as we commence our balancing act with at our favorite place in town - Bragadiru Palace.

The ladies of the night, Mara Trax aka Maayan Nidam and Melliflow label boss Vera, who's individual and collective contributions to the scene need no introduction will be our main course in the lavish yet decadent setting of the Palace. Their uproaring, sexy, yet measured sets that have become a trademark of events worldwide will now be showcased in a setting where history meets contemporary.
As we'll be kicking off early in the evening with Alsi , the pair's well poised live act will present their trademark style of crisp, berlinesque productions but also their more warm and melodic side. This also being our first live recording also, we'd like to thank 4pe4.ro for their support and dedication in helping us make this happen!
Up next we've got Miss I, with her inexhaustible supply of crate digging goodies, with the dubby, deep and groovey tracks that she's famous for that are bound to leave a mark on your senses and get your dancing shoes well tuned for next portion of our program
Nu Zau, the energetic, light hearted and prolific local favorite, who's style of focused, edgy but timeless selections will crank up the pace and shake things up as he paves the way for our headliners.
As we bring to a close, bass heavy, mind bending, head knocking sounds are what we like in our after hours so that's why Mihigh who's legendary early morning sets have become a cultural norm will ease us into a hypnotic and raw state of emotion of harmonizing effect
We reserve the right to select our guests.
The event is 18+


25 Oct 2019

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COLOR’s next party is bringing the minimal-house movement right at Deschis Atelier’s scene. See you on the 25th of October.
For this edition we have invited:

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